Google Maps Street View: Here’s How to Change Back to the Old Layout

March 9, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Google Maps and Street View got a new layout but not everyone is happy with it.

On Twitter, some users complained, with one saying “I hate google maps’ new layout.”

But it’s possible to change back to the old layout.

Go to the button with a small question mark on it next to the gear symbol on the bottom right.

Click on the question mark and hit “return to classic Google Maps,” and it will display the old style.

But Google indicated that some features of the old layout were restored.

“Back by request! Right-click anywhere on the map for lat long coordinates or quick directions,” it said on Twitter.

To view the coordinates, one has to select “What’s here?” from the list of options when one right-clicks an area on the map.

This week, Google revealed that its Street View team went to the Canadian Arctic and photographed polar bears and their habitat.

“The Street View project lets viewers explore the tundra and see the polar bear migration, no matter where they live,” Krista Wright, the executive director of the conservation nonprofit Polar Bears International (PBI), told LiveScience.

The Google Maps team went to the Canadian area of Churchill in October 2013, capturing panoramic views.

“You can journey through the polar bear’s world and see the bears in their natural habitat,” she added. “You can see imagery of sparring bears – this behavior that we see with male bears where they stand up on their hind legs and kind of play fight. And there are images of a mom nursinga cub. But the project goes beyond cuddly—the Street View images also provide us with baseline information on this fragile and changing landscape.”

The project can be viewed on Google’s website.