How Do You Play Pac-Man on Google Maps?

March 31, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Internet was abuzz on Tuesday that Pac-Man (the original, not Mrs. Pac-Man) can be played via Google Maps. Here’s how to access it: Go to Google Maps and then go to the bottom-left section of the map and you should see a box with Pac-Man. You can go to a random location in Google Maps, and it likely won’t let you play Pac-Man there, so click “I’m feeling lucky,” and you’ll be transported to a random spot.

Obviously, being able to play Pac-Man on the maps of major cities is a cool feature, but it isn’t perfect. It’s really hard to control.

I was really, really trying hard to catch Pac-Man fever, but when playing in New York City, I found that it’s really hard to navigate Pac-Man around. I got “stuck” on a diagonal road at one point and was destroyed by a ghost. In Rome, again on a diagonal path, it was unclear if I should press “up” or “left.” I got stuck again.

Not sure what city this is (Google Maps)
Not sure what city this is (Google Maps)

Later, in another city, an especially big road had two rows of dots, making it near-impossible to complete the map.

A colleague of mine agrees: It’s too clunky and unresponsive. If I wanted to play Pac-Man, there’s plenty of other places I could go get my fix. (Or maybe I’m just bad at Pac-Man?)

All in all, I could play it for more than a about a minute. (Maybe I just have a poor attention span?)

It’s unclear why Google rolled out the Pac-Man feature, but it might have to do with April Fools’ Day on Wednesday.

When in Rome ... get stuck on the roads? (Google Maps)
When in Rome … get stuck on the roads? (Google Maps)