Google Glass Ban Enacted at Caesars Palace

May 8, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Google Glass ban? Amid a White House petition to ban Google Glass, Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas said the wearable, interactive computer cannot be taken into its facilities.

“Gaming regulations prohibit the use of computers or recording devices by persons who are gambling,” Caesars Palace spokesman Gary Thomson told the Computer World website.

“Therefore, individuals wearing Google Glass would not be allowed to gamble. If they attempted to do so, [they] would be subject to arrest under various state gaming regulations,” Thomson continued.

Thomson said the move to ban Google Glass is because gamblers could theoretically use the device to gain an advantage in blackjack or card games.

A spokesman with Google said the company is trying to best figure out how to develop the device.

“It’s early and we are thinking very carefully about how we design Glass. New technology always raises new issues,” the spokesman told the site.

The White House petition, which was set up in early May, wants U.S. regulators to ban “Google Glass from use in the USA until clear limitations are placed to prevent indecent public surveillance.”