Good Samaritans Rescue Bear With No Fur From Dumpster

January 8, 2018 Updated: January 8, 2018

Good Samaritans rescued a strange looking creature from a dumpster in December last year—which turned out to be a black bear with no hair.

The little bear cub—a female California black bear—was found in a dumpster in Butte County and was taken to the Bear League in Lake Tahoe where she received a week of emergency medical treatment that save her life, reported ABC News.

“We are so grateful that these wonderful folks were able to take her and can help get her well and ready for release … after she gains a lot of weight and grows a lot of hair,” the Bear League said in a statement on Dec. 31.

“We’ve seen this condition before, it seems to result from the cub’s mother being killed early in the season and then the very small young one tries desperately to make it on their own but goes hungry most of the time. Their immune system is therefore terribly compromised and they succumb to mange and stunted growth. But with good care and medication, they will make it just fine,” the organization added.

California volunteers then handed her to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife on Dec. 23 and the cub was given treatment for her serious mange—skin disease caused by tiny mites—which made her lose most of her fur. The cub was then transported to a licensed bear facility called Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in San Diego County after a medicated bath and medication.

The bear cub—named Eve—arrived at the facility on Christmas Eve and has been given the appropriate care needed for her to heal. She was estimated to be about 1 year old, reported the news station.

“She was being given a special gift for Christmas. She would now have a warm, safe place to heal,” the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center said in a statement on Jan. 2.

“Eve has a long recovery ahead of her. Our hopes are that she’ll make a full recovery and hopefully be able to spend next Christmas Eve in the wild, where she belongs,” they wrote.


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