Good and Bad Points of the iPhone 6 Plus

Early iPhone reviews are nice, but experts' thoughts after months with a phone are often more insightful than thoughts penned after a few days of usage
January 19, 2015 Updated: January 19, 2015

BGR Media president Jonathan Geller loves the iPhone 6 Plus. And he hates it. And he loves it. Personally, I’m not a big fan. The phone itself is sleek and the software and surrounding ecosystem and the best in the business, but truth be told, it’s not a very good phablet.

As I discussed at length in my Galaxy Note 4 review, the iPhone 6 Plus is just a bigger iPhone 6. That seems like a fairly obvious statement, but the truth of the matter is that Apple seemingly put precious little thought into phablet users’ needs and wants, and instead just checked a box next to “iPhone with a big screen.”

Sales have been phenomenal thus far thanks to pent-up demand for an iPhone phablet, but I think in the future we’ll see a bit more separation between Apple’s mid-sized iPhones and its supersized iPhones. The differences might be mainly software based, but Apple will soon make much better use of its larger canvases.

In the meantime, the iPhone 6 Plus has been out for almost four months now, and it’s time to take a closer look at Apple’s first phablet.

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Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly recently penned a nice quick piece covering the best and worst things about Apple’s iPhone 6. Posts like this are good for a few reasons. First, there are still tens of millions of people who will buy a new iPhone 6 in the coming months, and content like this gives them very useful tools while they shop.

Early iPhone reviews are nice, but experts’ thoughts after months with a phone are often more insightful than thoughts penned after a few days of usage, which is all the time we have when we first review devices.

So how is the iPhone 6 Plus looking to Kelly now that we’re four months in?

As was the case with his iPhone 6 post, Kelly does a good job of covering the best things about the iPhone 6 Plus. Among them are the larger display size, the class-leading performance and the great camera. He also goes into the worst things about Apple’s iPhone phablet, including issues with the iPhone 6 Plus’s design and the phone’s durability.

The post is a good read, and it’s linked below in our source section.

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