Golfer Stabs Partner With Broken 5-Iron Club in Michigan

June 9, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

A golfer on a Michigan golf course got into an argument with his partner that turned to a physical altercation, with one of the golfers apparently stabbing the other with a broken golf club, it was reported.

Police in Oakland County told that the two got into a spat about their scores on the Westwynd Golf Course when a 59-year-old Glenn Lott broke his 5-iron club on the arm of the other golfer, who was not named but was said to be 65 years old, after beating him. After the club broke, Loft then stabbed the other man.

“He asked the gentleman what his score was on the previous hole, and he didn’t answer him. So he asked him again and he refused to answer, and then he blew up on the gentleman, pulled out his Calloway five iron and proceeded to attack them,” police spokesman Mike McCabe told Fox, elaborating on the situation.

Witnesses described Loft as berserk, and others had to stop the assault.

“The two other gentlemen that were there broke the incident up, held the guy to the ground, told the victim to run away. He jumped on a golf cart, drove into the clubhouse,” McCabe added.

Westwynd Golf Course manager Jimmy Mehlberg told The Oakland Press he’s not sure what happened because Loft “always came across as a pretty nice guy.” He added, “I couldn’t even believe this happened.”

In the incident, several other people were forced to hold Loft down while the stabbed man got away in a golf cart. Loft eventually broke free and shouted that he was “going to get him,” according to sheriff’s deputies. Loft also reportedly ran after the golf cart, shouting the whole time.

Loft was taken into custody and is being held on assault charges and is being held on $100,000 bond. The other man was treated and got stitches in his arm.