Going For Eco: A Guide to Energy Efficient Pool Motors

By Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson
July 19, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

It’s always important to pay careful consideration to the environment. Fortunately, there is an ever-increasing range of eco-friendly products emerging on the market, to help us to conserve energy, and beneficially, to save often considerable amounts of money.

Swimming pool technology has developed considerably in recent years and one of the most significant technological advances has been in pool motor design. Energy efficient pool motors are becoming increasingly available to swimming pool owners, and offer considerable advantages when compared to the existing technology.

Reasons to invest in an energy efficient pool motor

1. Improved efficiency. The pool motor industry has seen real developments in terms of efficiency. These new magnetic drive, variable speed,energy efficient models are very much leading the way, with many motors offering significant improvements on the old induction models. In some cases, the efficiency has been improved by as much as 90%.

2. Better quality of water. Thanks largely to the greater efficiency and better functionality of eco-friendly pool motors; swimming pool water can be maintained at a higher level of quality says Gary Crayton of Pool Troopers in Florida. Filtration system can be operated much more effectively with an energy efficient motor running at lower speeds, this in turn ensures that the water is filtered better and kept moving longer with less energy costs; which avoids stagnancy, a major contributing factor in the development of algae.

3.Reliable. Many energy efficient pool motors offer far greater reliability, due to significant design developments. This means that there is less chance of your motor developing a fault or failing completely. Magnetic Drive motors for example have no internal friction and therefore don’t waste energy on creating heat like older induction motors do. Don’t put your hand on an old pool motor that’s been on for an hour! Ouch.

4. Significant savings. You are likely to save money by having fewer motor repairs, and you’ll make significant savings on your energy bills too. In fact, as an average estimate, it’s likely that you’ll save around $300-$400 per year on your energy bill, which means that you’ll probably recoup the cost of your energy efficient motor within only a couple of years.

5. Helping the environment. Research suggested in the US alone that over $1.5 billion was spent last year on powering pool motors.. Using an energy efficient swimming pool motor can significantly help to reduce this energy usage. Conservation of energy just makes sense for the environment and if we can do it while saving money it’s really an easy decision.

6. Guarantee. Many eco-friendly pool motors come with a guarantee, and there are retailers, service companies and suppliers willing to offer your money back if you don’t realize significant savings on your energy bills.

With all these advantages, it’s little wonder than more and more swimming pool owners are opting to replace their existing motors with energy efficient models. To find out more about how you can save money, improve the efficiency of your pool filtration system and help the environment, simply contact your local swimming pool motor dealer, who is likely to not only be able to supply you with an ecofriendly model, but also remove your existing motor and install the new one for you.


Adam Simpson