Godzilla 2014 Movie Screened in London, Director Talks Inspiration from 1954 Original

March 6, 2014 Updated: March 6, 2014

The first 20 minutes of the “Godzilla” movie coming out later in 2014, it was reported.

The screening was done a few days ago at the behest of British director Gareth Edwards.

Speaking at the screening, Edwards said that three years he had spent on the movie was the “the hardest, most intense, most exhausting” experience he’s had, the BBC reported.

Edwards said that he looked at the 1954 original “Godzilla” to get inspiration.

“I realised how good that movie was. How it was a metaphor for Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and how it’s actually a very serious take on a monster movie,” he said. “It took us a good year to land on a story that felt right to everybody. And what is very much at the heart of our movie – as with the original – is man versus nature. And that if you mess with nature, you’re going to lose.”

The movie–which was filmed in Canada and Hawaii–is set to premiere in May. It cost about $150 million to make.

“Imagine you wrote a list of all the pros and cons of making a low-budget movie, then when you make a high budget movie – just swap them over,” he said. “Everything that is easy to do when there is just three of you, is really hard when there are 400 of you – and everything that is really hard to do when you have a budget of £10 is really easy when you have millions.”

He added: “The real difficulty, which is the hardest thing about making movies, full stop – is to try and tell a gripping story that you really care about. Whether you have 10p or £200m, it is just as hard – so that’s what we focused on.”

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche and Bryan Cranston of “Breaking Bad” fame wile be in it.

“Thank God I hadn’t seen a billion episodes of Breaking Bad like everyone else, otherwise I would have been too intimated to walk to work with Bryan. I had seen him in a few, but the real reason I wanted Bryan was because of Malcolm in the Middle – and an episode of Airwolf from 1986,” he said.

Edwards also referred to the 1998 “Godzilla” movie that was deemed a critical failure.

“It’s amazing how many people out there are closet Godzilla fans. I thought there were probably about 100 Godzilla fans, including me but every single day during shooting – in a quiet moment – people would lean over and say: ‘I love Godzilla, don’t cock it up!’. I’ve had that conversation on loop for the past year,” he told the BBC.

Reporters with the IGN website said they saw the movie and gave a few minor spoilers.

“Godzilla himself is 350 feat high, making him the biggest Godzilla yet seen onscreen,” IGN wirtes. “It’s also about a family that’s torn apart by an apparent natural disaster that took place in Japan 15 years ago,” it continues.

IGN also said that it learned “a plot point that makes the film 400% more awesome, but Gareth swore us all to secrecy so we’re not going to spoil it here.”