Gmail Gets “Undo Send” Feature

June 23, 2015 Updated: June 23, 2015

Are you a person who sends off e-mails without thinking twice before hitting the send button?

Well, worry not, for Google has just announced an “undo send” feature. That’s right, you can actually “undo” an e-mail send from Gmail.

For those of you who are wondering why this is important: remember those times you sent off a hot-headed or wrong e-mail, only to regret it just a few seconds later? Well, the “undo send” feature gives you  30 seconds to undo an e-mail.

This does require an option to be turned on. If the “undo send” option is turned on, then Gmail will delay sending the email by 30 seconds, which is what allows you to undo the send when you choose to do so. Without the option turned on, Gmail will send the e-mail immediately without an option to undo.

The feature is currently only available through the Gmail web application accessed through a browser. Mobile applications will still send the e-mail immediately and not allow for undo options.

This feature was present in Google Labs for many years, but has now finally made it into the production Gmail application.

So now, fear not when you send an e-mail that you will regret later—but remember that you only have a few seconds to think twice.