Gmail: Streak App Notifies Senders When Recipients Open Email, Tells Them Location

March 11, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A Google Chrome extension, Streak, allows the user to see if an e-mail is read by the recipient, and it can tell what kind of device the person is using or where they area.

It means that people can see if you’ve opened an e-mail that they have without responding, as the Huffington Post points out, describing the app as “horrifying.”

The recipient of the e-mail does not have to have Streak installed–just the sender.

Also, the recipient of the e-mail will not get a notification that the other user is tracking their e-mails with Streak.

Even further, Streak tracks the name and the details of the device of the person who looked at the e-mail. It can also reveal the reader’s name.

The extension also allows senders to know how many times a person has read an e-mail.

The program is seemingly aimed at marketers.

“Streak lets you keep track of all your deals right from your inbox. We let you group emails from the same customer together into one view and push that customer through your pipeline. When a new email comes in, you’ll have all the context you need,” the extension says on its website.

It adds that one can “see all your deals inside Gmail,” adding: “Want to see a holistic view of your customers or deals? We built a spreadsheet view right inside Gmail to let you edit your deals fast and create easy reports.”

Regarding tracked e-mails, Streak continues, “Streak email tracking shows the status of all your tracked emails right in your inbox. You’ll see a green or gray ‘eye’ icon right next to any email in any inbox list telling you whether the email is being read or not.”