Global Q&A: ‘Would it matter if giant Pandas became extinct?’

February 16, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015

To lose the giant pandas would be a huge loss to humanity, and a great loss to the ecosystem. This is what Epoch Times reporters from Canada to Sweden discovered when they asked locals:

Epoch Times Photo
Silvia Lindsay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (The Epoch Times)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Silvia Lindsay, 31, University Environment Program Coordinator

Every single species has a role in the ecosystem. They have evolved for millions of years to become what they are nowadays, and they are an indispensable part of the habitat where they live. If pandas become extinct, it will be a huge loss for humanity, as the biodiversity in the planet will be reduced. And the extinction of pandas will bring other negative consequences to the habitat where they live as everything in nature is interconnected: Once you break the equilibrium the consequences are unknown.

Epoch Times Photo
Max Ohayon, Montreal, Canada (The Epoch Times)

Montreal, Canada (visiting New York)

Max Ohayon, 41, Teacher

I think it would for sure, because I’m sure they have some kind of role in the ecological chain, the food chain, so probably somewhere there would be some kind of gap and it would probably impact other living things.

Epoch Times Photo
Scott Patterson, Kiels Mountain, Australia (The Epoch Times)

Kiels Mountain, Australia

Scott Patterson, 49, Kahuna Massage Therapist

Yes, I think it would matter if the giant pandas became extinct. A similar analogy would be the importance that is placed worldwide by the scientific community on indigenous language and the loss and the value of the individual tribal language being lost and the loss that that is. And I see a similarity between losing species in the same manner that they have an importance, and a value, and a gift to bring mankind. If we can be the stewards that we should be, work toward that ideal in a stronger more serious intent, then there’s a lot to gain.


Epoch Times Photo
Natália Bressan Grandino, Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil (The Epoch Times)

Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil

Natália Bressan Grandino, 20, Trainee Secretary

Yes, it matters. The extinction of any living being will interfere with the flora and fauna of a region; will affect the food chain. If it was a scorpion, maybe people would think it would be okay to be extinguished, because it is a poisonous animal. But I do not think so. I think every animal, if it exists, is important. Man has no right to interfere in the life of a species.

Epoch Times Photo
Jorge Eliecer Correa Castellar, Cartagena, Colombia (The Epoch Times)

Cartagena, Colombia

Jorge Eliecer Correa Castellar, 46, Hotel Manager and Tourism. Tour Guide

Any endangered species is not only a concern for ecologists and environment protectors; it is also for the whole planet. With the indiscriminate hunt of these species, and the undue exploitation of natural resources, the ecological balance is being broken. There are hundreds of endangered species like the panda, but pitifully it is man who is more responsible to these predatory processes. With the progressive deterioration of the ecosystems these beautiful bears that experience difficulties to reproduce are threatened.

Epoch Times Photo
Camilla Norman, Tranås, Sweden (The Epoch Times)

Tranås, Sweden

Camilla Norman, 23, Facilitator

I have never seen one in person, but of course it would matter. They are really cute!

Epoch Times Photo
Mahnaz Damania, New York, USA (The Epoch Times)

New York, USA

Mahnaz Damania, 26, Acting Student

Yes it would matter because among all the other species that are going extinct, if we do realize that one of them is slowly dying out and if we can try and make a change to preserve the species then we should definitely do that. I feel like no given species is brought onto the earth in order to become extinct … 

Epoch Times Photo
Marine Conan, Paris, France. (The Epoch Times)

 Paris, France

Marine Conan, 22, Assistant

I think the extinction of giant pandas is a real problem that needs to be resolved quickly in order precisely to avoid their extinction. All animals are important and the extinction of a race always has consequences. Giant pandas are a symbol of China and in order to save them, several countries are mobilizing bringing them to zoos to help ensure good survival of this breed. But I’m not sure this is adequate because this animal needs a particular environment to grow and prosper. Thus, China should really integrate into their approach the fact that this species is disappearing and understand that the extinction of giant pandas will surely entail dire consequences, whether in terms of ecology, or the environment.


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