Global Q&A: ‘Is there someone in your life you’d like to forgive but haven’t?’

May 16, 2012 Updated: September 29, 2015

To totally forgive, coming from one’s inner being, can be a difficult process for some is what Epoch Times reporters from Dubai to Sweden found when they asked locals:

Epoch Times Photo
Corina Vlantoiu, Bucharest, Romania (The Epoch Times)

Bucharest, Romania

Corina Vlantoiu, 39, Legal Adviser

There is no one I have to forgive in my life. I have had only small disputes with some people, but I have sorted all these out. There is nothing so serious that I should not be able to forgive.

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Marcelo Poggi, Catalonia, Spain (The Epoch Times)

Catalonia, Spain

Marcelo Poggi, 37, Commerce

The truth is that I have always tried to forgive my father’s wife for her despicable attitudes she had toward my wife and my daughter, but still inwardly I feel that I have not. Even though on the surface and in my mind it seems there are no grudges, I feel that inside me I have not overcome this. It turns out to be very difficult for me to forgive from deep in my heart a person who always generated a refusal by her selfish attitude.

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Scott Gingerich, New York, USA (The Epoch Times)

New York, USA

Scott Gingerich, 37, Restaurant GM

Wow, this is a pretty personal question, but I am happy to share because this has made me who I am today. When I was 10 years [old], my parents got a divorce, and my dad left and wasn’t part of my life for probably 10 years. Since then, we have spent much more time together, and the relationship has healed, but I never really forgave him. I never told him, “I forgive you,” and probably should. When I think back, and being a father now myself, and seeing how amazing it is, I couldn’t have imagined missing seeing my kids grow up …

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Daniela Cuellar, Pitalito, Colombia (The Epoch Times)

Pitalito, Colombia

Daniela Cuellar, 21, Hotel Receptionist

Yes, there is someone, but that person will never want me to forgive her. On the other hand, there is someone who wants my forgiveness, and I would do it. I have no problem with that; although it caused me great pain, I would forgive him with all my heart. I think it is in the family where greatest mutual pain is caused.

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Camila Ribeiro, Piracicaba, Brazil (The Epoch Times)

Piracicaba, Brazil

Camila Ribeiro, 26, Masters Student

Who I’d like to forgive, I have forgiven. I want to get away from these situations that create anger. But I have not forgiven my uncle, because he acted in bad faith with my family in a situation when we were in mourning.

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Nevena Assenova, Lund, Sweden (The Epoch Times)

Lund, Sweden

Nevena Assenova, 42, Dental Assistant

Yes, my ex-husband. I think that I should forgive him and accept that we are different, and tried to still be together today. I think I should have tried more before we divorced—not have given up…

Epoch Times Photo
Nikhita Sudhir, Dubai, Arab United Emirates (The Epoch Times)

Dubai, Arab United Emirates

Nikhita Sudhir, 20, Media Broadcaster

Yes, being from the media industry, I did have an encounter in life and have not been able to forgive that person because when a person is active in both ones personal and professional life then it becomes difficult to face situations. However, I’m learning to forgive, as it would help me grow in my field and work better.

Epoch Times Photo
Miguel Arias, Puerto Montt, Chile (The Epoch Times)

Puerto Montt, Chile

Miguel Arias, 16, Student

Actually no, I do not think that I have to grant forgiveness to anyone, since he has not hurt me, up to this point in my life my conscience is tranquil.

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