Global Q&A: ‘Do you think the Facebook phenomenon is positive or negative?’

January 2, 2013 2:27 am Last Updated: October 1, 2015 11:31 am

Facebook has both positive and negative attributes—a great communication tool that can also easily be used for bullying. This is the view of Facebook people shared with Epoch Times reporters from Colombia to Sweden when asked:

Adriana María Zapata Betancur, Medellín, Colombia (The Epoch Times)

Medellín, Colombia

Adriana María Zapata Betancur, 30, Teacher

Facebook is a tool for communication. It is important because you can create groups for study and research, but also as a result of networking you can find a lot of malicious people. So it is advisable not to enter personal information that people may use to make trouble.

Kelly McMeans, California, USA (The Epoch Times)

California, USA

Kelly McMeans, 29, Admin

Positive things about Facebook would be [that] it makes it easy to connect with people from the past that you’ve lost touch with no matter how far away they live, so I think that is really good now. However, the negative side is that people can be really mean to each other, and it can be used as an avenue to encourage bullying.

Sabiha Nuzhat, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (The Epoch Times)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sabiha Nuzhat, 22, Student

From connecting with friends, sharing life stories and events, to getting the latest news on various happenings around the world, Facebook has proved its success. Everyone reading this is living proof of Facebook being a positive phenomenon in today’s century. I personally find it very informative and up-to-date on things happening around the corners of the world, Mark certainly did a good job!

Francisco Brás, São Mateus, Maranhão, Brazil (The Epoch Times)

São Mateus, Maranhão, Brazil

Francisco Brás, 53, Hairdresser

Facebook helps me get in touch with my clients, where I schedule time through. It also helps me meet new people. The downside is that it exposes my privacy to many people.

Irene Flemstrom, Kagebo, Sweden (The Epoch Times)

Kagebo, Sweden

Irene Flemstrom, 72, Retired

I think it is both good and bad this with the Facebook, but it could be fun sometimes. The disadvantage is that anyone can read about your personal life. Personally, I don’t use it so often, but I see that my children and grandchildren use it pretty often, and you can read about all their personal lives there. They talk about the things they do and add many pictures.

Kaye Ash, Sunshine Coast, Australia (The Epoch Times)

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Kaye Ash, 45, Sales Rep

I think that there is a positive and a negative to Facebook and it probably depends on the person using it, and how they’re using it. I think it has a lot of advantages and disadvantages to it. I was on there the other night, and I think it was Marcoola Surf Club had posted about a guy who was running down the main street of Coolum with a knife. He was hijacking cars, and [the post was] warning people. … So in that sense it’s good; it gets out there in your local area and quickly. But there’s all the bullying, and people who can’t handle it, and do the wrong thing.

Giannis Milios, Greece, Athens (The Epoch Times)

Greece, Athens

Giannis Milios, 43, Artist

Facebook is a tool and like every tool, if we use it with the right way it brings positive results; if you use it with a bad handling, it brings a negative effect. It depends on how we use something.

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