Global Q&A: ‘Do you think protests are an effective way to bring about change?’

By Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
October 3, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015

Peaceful protests, large-scale protests, and protests with correct dialogue can be effective in drawing attention is what Epoch Times reporters from Canada to Dubai found when they asked locals:

Epoch Times Photo
Gary Grove, Halifax, Canada (The Epoch Times)

Halifax, Canada

Gary Grove, 61, Street Vendor

Yes. It is one of our democratic rights to protest. It is a hard-fought-for right. I don’t believe in joining a protest, and covering your face, and causing damage, or committing crimes. That is not protesting, that is a criminal act. But without peaceful protest, there would be no change.

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Rosario Morales, Lima, Perú (The Epoch Times)

Lima, Perú

Rosario Morales, 28, Business Administrator

I think protests are effective ways to change, because people have every right to complain or protest if they disagree with something. But these protests must use correct dialogue in peace through a representative chosen by both parties and dialogue to reach a good agreement. When street protests are introducing other people, who are often criminals, to steal or loot houses and shops; governments especially should heed the protests and complaints and try to solve it, because that would lead to progress.

Epoch Times Photo
Felipe Lima, Itatiba, Brazil (The Epoch Times)

Itatiba, Brazil

Felipe Lima, 17, Student

Large-scale protests change things because people hear what the protesters are saying. Small-scale protests, usually people do not pay attention. I think protests are important. I did not join protests until today.

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Steliana, Miu, Malmö, Sweden (The Epoch Times)

Malmö, Sweden

Steliana, Miu, 64, Retired History Teacher

Yes, I think it is necessary because there is no such [thing] as a perfect society in this world, and protests are one form to show the negative aspects of the society and that there are ways to improve the society. Even if they don’t show any immediately results and even if they don’t always have a positive result, it is good that people can express their feelings about the less good parts of the society.

Epoch Times Photo
Moses Logan, New York, USA (The Epoch Times)

New York, USA

Moses Logan, 18

I don’t think so, but I do think it is a great way for people to express their opinion of the economy and how the government is affecting their life. Because without them protesting, most of us wouldn’t know what is going on. They are the voice that needs to be heard.

Epoch Times Photo
Costin Potroanchenu, Comarnic, Romania (The Epoch Times)

Comarnic, Romania

Costin Potroanchenu, 42, Director

Yes, they are. When protesting you are asking for something. So, it’s an effective way to draw attention to your needs and suffering.

Epoch Times Photo
Maria Kouneli, Athens, Greece (The Epoch Times)

Athens, Greece

Maria Kouneli, 56, Grocery Shop Owner

I think that they have a certain effect. I’ve seen that lately there hasn’t been much change. It’s all for nothing. Now, during the economic crisis, politicians have already taken their decisions. A while ago, there used to be some change. Now it is different.

Epoch Times Photo
Sameer Muhammad, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (The Epoch Times)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sameer Muhammad, 20, Salesman

No, because emotions do not matter to politicians and, therefore, protests won’t make much of a difference as only politicians have the power and the ability to bring about changes.

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