Gisele Practices Yoga, Shares a Picture With Her Daughter Vivian

December 1, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Gisele practices yoga–that much has already been known. But it looks like her young daughter Vivian is following in the Brazilian supermodel’s footsteps, imitating her mother doing a yoga pose.

Gisele Bundchen posted a photo on her Instagram page of the moment.

“Thank you auntie Fafi for capturing this special moment,” Gisele said.

“Obrigada por capturar esse momento especial tia Fafi,” she added for her Porteguese-speaking fans.

Gisele had previously shared a picture of her doing yoga with Vivian–then six months old–beside her. But Vivian didn’t appear to have interest in the exercise then, facing away from Gisele and playing with her toys.

In the new picture, Vivian (who is about to turn one) looks fully enthused to be with her mother and trying the pose.

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