Gina Giovangelo Hit and Run Kills Pedestrian In Wheelchair

May 21, 2010 Updated: May 21, 2010

Gina Giovangelo, 18, is a suspect in an alleged hit-and-run accident that killed a 47-year-old woman crossing the street in her wheelchair, Tuesday evening.

Police in Yarmouth, Massachusetts were looking for suspect Gina Giovangelo in a local hotel, after finding Lillian White dead near North Street in Hyannis.

Employees from Holly Tree Inn on Route 28 in Yarmouth helped police track down Giovangelo. A maintenance worker found a wheelchair outside of the hotel that may have belonged to White. Following their discovery of the wheelchair, workers noticed damage to Giovangelo’s Nissan in the parking lot.

Giovangelo left the hotel in her damaged car, giving workers time to put the two pieces of evidence together and call the police. The police tracked down the damaged Nissan and arrested Giovangelo, reported

White’s daughter spoke publicly about the impact on her and her family, following the death of her mother and the evasion of responsibility by Giovangelo.

“She had a family, she wasn't a cat in the road, she was my mother, a sister, a grandmother,” said Siobhan White to

Giovangelo has been charged with vehicular homicide and is facing other charges as well. The victim’s daughter says there is no way the driver who killed her mother could not have known it was a person who was hit. The wheelchair found at the hotel where Giovangelo was staying is also highly incriminating evidence.

"They would have known because she's in a wheelchair that weighs a lot because it's run by a motor, she had several oxygen tanks, and she was 176 pounds herself, so I don't think you couldn't know that that was a person in front of you," said Siobhan White to