Gift Ideas: What You Should Know About Top 5 Fitness Trackers—Fitbit, Adidas Smart Run, More

November 16, 2013 Updated: November 26, 2013

Fitness trackers are gaining popularity and early adopters are being rewarded with great services and features that amount to having their own virtual personal trainers with them 24/7.

A report by Business Insider predicts a 12-billion-dollar market for wearable technologies by 2018, with wrist-worn gadgets accounting for 60 percent.

Tracking everything from your sleep to food intake, fitness trackers are good for professionals, amateurs, or health enthusiasts.

Nike+ Fuel Band SE

Nike’s Fuel Band SE is in its third incarnation but hasn’t changed much since it first came out.

  • Measures your workout in Nike fuel, which is a universal way to measure for all kinds of activities, as stated on its website.

  • Real-time feedback.

  • Stays connected to your Apple iPhone to provide reporting and analytics.

  • Includes a group and individual challenges and reward program.

Nike’s Fuel Band SE works with the iPhone to provide insight, suggestions, and reports.

Price: $150


Adidas Smart Run

Smart Run is a great companion for everyday runners and provides many of the features you find in a standard fitness tracker.

  • Real-time cardio coaching – A heart monitor with visual, audio, and vibrational feed back

  • Customizable workout views – Track your reps and sets.

  • Strength and flexibility training – Over 400 animated, anatomically correct exercises.

  • Music player – Play your favorite music while you work out and listen via Bluetooth.

  • Integrates with GPS.

The Adidas Smart Run is a standalone device that does not connect to a smart phone but can be connected to a desktop for the purpose of loading music. Your data is wirelessly synched to the website where you can view your statistics.

Price: $399.


Fitbit Force

Fitbit Force is a sleek-looking wrist watch with more to it than meets the eyes.

  • Tracks steps, distance and calories burned.

  • Tracks the quality of sleep and also has a silent alarm.

  • Integrated with other health and fitness platforms such as Endomondo, My Fitness Pal, and others.

Fitbit supports iPhone and Samsung smartphone synchronization. For a complete list of supported smartphones

Price: $129.95


Jawbone UP

Epoch Times Photo

(Courtesy of Jawbone)

Jawbone UP is a wrist bracelet that looks more like a fashion accessory than a fitness tracker.

  • Tracks distance, calories burnt, activity time, and intensity.

  • Keeps track of light and deep sleep as well as how many times you wake.

  • Comes in eight fashionable colors.

  • Integrates with third-party applications

Jawbone UP software is available on Google Play and Apples’ App store. Data is synchronized via the head phone jack.

Price: $149.99



Epoch Times Photo

(Courtesy of Larklife)

Larklife describes itself as a coaching system rooted in proven behavioral science to enact real change in fitness-related behavior sooner.

  • Tracks sleep and exercise to let you know when is the best to exercise based on energy patterns.

  • Provides advice on what and when to eat.

  • Expert nutritional coaching with meal alerts and reminders.

  • Formulated with knowledge on how to be more productive from pro athletes and business executives.

Larklife works with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Price: $149.99


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