Giants were awarded a compensatory pick.

March 26, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

On Monday, the Giants were awarded a compensatory pick for the 2014 NFL draft. It gives two choices for a pick of the fifth round and seven overall. 

 The compensatory pick is decided when a team loses more free agents the previous year than free agents they receive as a result. 
The pick that the Giants received from the compensatory pick in the draft is the 34th and 174th overall. The Giants would have had a pick in the seventh round but they traded Jon Beason to Carolina back in October. 
Per press release, the Giants have the current draft picks:

Round              Choice in Round                      Overall

1                                  12                                   12

2                                  11                                   43

3                                  10                                   74

4                                  13                                  109

5                                  12                                  140

5                                  34                                  174

6                                  11                                  187


The first round of the draft will be held on Thursday May 8th, second round will be held on Friday, May 9th, and the third round on Saturday May 10th.