Giant Rat Terrorizes Shoppers in Phillipines Mall

February 11, 2018 Updated: February 11, 2018

Unsuspecting shoppers were given a fright after encountering an aggressive rat at a mall in the Philippines.

The video, which was posted on social media, quickly became an internet sensation, reported Inside Edition.

“It was an ordinary mall stroll when I heard ladies shouting, so I got close and start recording,” the cameraman told ViralHog.

In the footage, a large rat could be seen chilling on a step of an escalator near the mall’s food court. When shoppers tried to walk past the rat, it became aggressive and started lunging at their feet.

In one scene, a shocked woman frantically ran off the escalator as the rat tried to pounce on her.

A man carrying a large bag jumped off the escalator in fear as the rat also lunged at him, chasing him to the bottom of the escalator.

Officials from the Manila City Health Office Sanitation Division were called in for an inspection after the video went viral. They found that waste was being disposed of incorrectly in the area, according to Inside Edition, citing local reports.



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