Gevalia Pod Gaining Popularity in U.S.

By Ian Ritz
Ian Ritz
Ian Ritz
December 14, 2009 Updated: December 15, 2009

NEW YORK—The Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker, a low priced and efficient Scandinavian coffee maker, is gaining attention from Christmas shoppers in the U.S. during the final weeks of holiday shopping.

The unique and appealing feature of the Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker is the use of pre-packed coffee bundles known as Pods. The Pods eliminate the hassle of measuring out loose coffee grounds, making this product attractive to those who are trying to keep their mornings free of hassle.

The Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker is selling for the discounted price of $10 with a $5 shipping fee, on until midnight tonight (Dec. 14) Central Standard Time. Woot’s motto is “One day, one deal.” The normal price for the coffee maker is usually around $35, depending on location.

The coffee maker’s online availability adds to its appeal for shoppers who want to buy Christmas gifts without having to leave their home or office.

Gevalia started in Scandinavia and is known primarily for online coffee and tea sales in the U.S. The company is owned by well-known U.S. corporation Kraft Foods Inc.

Ian Ritz