Getting Past Bad Money Mojo

February 3, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Sales is the lifeline of any business and yet it’s still regarded as dirty. Many of us harbor negative feelings around money, in large part due to the way in which we were raised. Myths such as: there is not enough money to go around, I’ll never get what I want, I’m not meant to be rich and money is hard to come by, clog our brains and makes sales a tricky process. We want more of it but we can’t seem to grasp onto it. So, in order to extend our lifeline and embrace the many opportunities we’re presented with everyday it’s time to kiss the top three bad money myths goodbye.

Myth #1: Money Is Hard To Come By. Of all the bad money myths this is ranked #1 on almost everyone’s list. After all, how many of us have heard the expression: Money doesn’t grow on trees? We are taught since little that money is hard to come by and that it takes hard work and dedication to earn every penny. We are encouraged to get after school jobs since high school in order “learn the value of a dollar” and we are meant to correlate the amount of pain, sweat and/or work it takes to make a profit. This is not only an old model (how many people are making money today online without any labor involved?) but a highly defective model. We do not live in a world where 1 hour of elbow grease equals a certain profit. Money is purely energy and it’s value rests entirely on what society deems it to be. And, just like anything else made of energy the more energy you put out the more you get back. Try donating $100 to strangers without any expectations and watch what happens.

Myth #2: Only The Rich Get Richer. Now, this is a very sticky belief because at it’s core you’ve already decided that you’re poor and you will stay that way forever. You’re emitting signals to the universe that all money should be re-routed elsewhere like a big neon light. So, get to the core of the issue. Who ever told you you were poor? And, not to get too spiritual, but do you believe that only money makes you rich? If you can understand where this belief comes from then you can start to move past it. Having the belief that you absolutely need something in order to be (or feel) rich is only a further manifestation that subconsciously you believe you lack all signs of richness. It’s like staying up all night waiting for Santa to slide down your chimney when you don’t even believe in Santa. Start with small steps and start to expect to receive small things from the universe with precise deadlines, that would make you feel rich i.e. a call from your kids telling you they love you, a review from an ecstatic client or a pair theater tickets from your lover.

Myth #3: There Isn’t Enough Money To Go Around. Do you believe there isn’t enough electricity to light up every home around the world? Because, in essence, both are the same thing. The myth that there isn’t enough money to go around has been handed down for generations by hierarchical systems as a method to reign in the masses. After all, if everyone was a millionaire then what would that mean to our currency, way of life or systems of influence? Have you have felt hopeless about a situation and then all of a suddenly asked for help and was dumbfounded by the results? There is not a finite amount of money in this world just as there is not a finite amount of energy. It ebbs and flows from hand to hand and there is always enough to go around. But, holding the belief the contrary is like turning the valve and cutting off the water supply.

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