German Police Arrest 5 After Alleged Gunman Enters Cologne Office: Reports

July 28, 2016 Updated: July 28, 2016

Police in Germany are hunting an alleged gunman at an unemployment office in Cologne on Thursday.

A staff member hit the panic alarm after feeling threatened by a group of people seeking a job. A witness allegedly saw an armed person inside the job center, walking around.

Employees have been told to stay inside the building, a DW reporter said on Twitter.

There have been reports that as many as five people have been arrested.

Cologne Police wrote in a tweet: “Police operation at job centre in Luxemburger Street due to threatening behavior. Information over bomb threat is false.”

Germany has been on high alert after a series of attacks in the past two weeks. The deadliest came last Friday, July 22, after a German-Iranian teenager opened fire on a shopping mall, killing nine before shooting himself.

On July 24, a failed Syrian asylum seeker detonated a bomb, killing himself and injuring 15 people in Ansbach, located in Bavaria state.