Georgia State Senator Calls for Special Session Again

December 23, 2020 Updated: December 23, 2020

A Georgia State Senator released an election fraud report summary. For the second time, he’s calling on lawmakers to pick the correct electors.

The report summary alleges election workers made coordinated illegal efforts to skew the count. It focuses on the State Farm arena incident where ballots were counted for over an hour after media and observers were told to leave.

The Secretary of State’s office dismissed the allegation. Gabriel Sterling, who works at the secretary of state’s office, said the video is not suspicious because previously someone placed the ballots there. But he didn’t say why the counting continued while no one was around to observe.

In the report, key witness testimonies reveal a lack of security. One poll watcher says he was told that he shouldn’t be close enough to see batch numbers. Another says anyone had access to ballot printing, and another says she saw unfolded absentee ballots that looked like they were copied from one another. The latter two were fired as managers after they testified.

Georgia State Senator William Ligon says he expects legislative action to happen come January when the Senate convenes again.

Although the two-thirds majority wasn’t reached the first time he initiated efforts to call the special session, Ligon says he’s noticed more grassroots effort to ensure election integrity.

A group of 44 citizens sent a petition to the grand jury. Annette Jackson, one witness included in the petition, told NTD they are calling on the grand jury to step in and squash the potential for illegal ballots to be counted.

From NTD News