Georgia Poll Watcher Finds Room for Fraud During Recount

November 26, 2020 Updated: November 26, 2020

In Georgia, the Secretary of State certified its recount last week, but some say the procedures taken by state and county officials are raising red flags. One poll watcher told us about some activity that she saw in Gwinnett the night before the county’s deadline. And one activist tells us what effect they think the recount had on election transparency.

During Georgia’s recount, Gwinnett County’s election office seemed to foster a transparent environment with poll watchers and journalists allowed to roam around as they pleased. But one poll monitor told us there many subtle details that could have compromised the security of the count.

Gwinnett County officials reported that they didn’t find any uncounted ballots, but that they had a nearly 2,000 count difference between the recount number in the certified results. From Gwinnett County alone, Trump had an increase of 948 votes, and Biden had 663 more.

But county officials were told not to include those additional counts in the state’s certified results.

According to a letter sent to county election officials on Nov. 16: “Our office has concluded the original results from the Dominion Voting System that were tabulated on and after election day … should be the results that your county certifies.”

From NTD News