George Zimmerman Planning to Get Psychology or Political Science Degree

January 14, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

George Zimmerman, who became infamous and famous during his prolonged trial, says he is planning on going back to school. 

Before he killed Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman was enrolled at Seminole State College, where he was pursuing an Associate in Arts degree in a general studies program, reported the Orlando Sentinel. An early stint at the school, beginning in 2003, was aimed at becoming an insurance agent.

A former professor who taught Zimmerman testified during the trial, saying that Zimmerman was “one of the better students in the class,” which included criminal law and procedure, as well as self-defense. Zimmerman got an “A” grade in the class.

Now Zimmerman wants to finish his Associate in Arts degree, telling a questioner on Twitter that he only has one math credit left.

He then plans on continuing in either psychology or political science.

Zimmerman said he wants to spend his career “defending others from what happened to me.”


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