George Zimmerman in a South Park Episode? ‘World War Zimmerman’ to Premiere

October 7, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

George Zimmerman, the ex-Florida neighborhood watchman acquitted of manslaughter and murder this year, might appear in a “South Park” episode called “World War Zimmerman.”

Comedy Central did not elaborate on whether Zimmerman–or his likeness–will appear in the episode.

“The world faces death, destruction, chaos and Eric Cartman in all-new episode of ‘South Park’ titled ‘World War Zimmerman,’” reads a release from Comedy Central, suggesting that a Zimmerman-like figure could play a role in a worldwide conflict.

“Cartman is deeply disturbed by a single person who he sees as a threat to all humanity. He races around the country to put an end to Patient Zero, the ticking time bomb that is Token,” it reads.

Last week, “South Park” invoked the Edward Snowden incident in the show’s Season 17 premiere.

The show will also feature Miley Cyrus in the near future.

South Park World War Zimmerman

A scene from ‘World War Zimmerman’