George Zimmerman Explains Why He Sold Gun

Mother reportedly buys gun for $250,000 as a gift
May 25, 2016 Updated: May 25, 2016

The woman who purchased the gun that was used to shoot and kill 17-year-old Trayvon Martin will give it to her son as a gift, according to reports this week.

George Zimmerman, the ex-neighborhood watch volunteer who shot Martin in Florida in 2012, sold the gun for $250,000.

Zimmerman, 32, said he initially planned to sell it for $150,000 to a Florida bar owner. However, he ended up selling it to the unnamed woman instead.

The bar owner, Denny Honeycutt, said he worked out a deal with Zimmerman for the purchase of the firearm. The agreement fell through, he told the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

“I thought he was a man of his word,” Honeycutt said, apparently not pleased with Zimmerman.

“I still got the check waiting on him,” Honeycutt added. “If he comes back, he comes back. If he doesn’t, he’s an (expletive).”

Zimmerman said he decided to sell off the gun after hearing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s “anti-gun rhetoric.”

“She has been stumping around for a false campaign for the Trayvon Martin Foundation,” he said to KTNV in a Skype interview. “She lied saying that I killed him when he was walking home in his daddy’s neighborhood. Which if anyone watched more than seven minutes of the trial they would know that is false.”

Regarding Clinton, Zimmerman said he’d do “anything I can think of” to make sure she doesn’t get elected.

Zimmerman also said the gun, a 9-mm Kel-Tec PF-9, was precious to him. “It is what was used to save my life from a near-death brutal attack by Trayvon Martin,” he said. He added that selling the gun is part of his goal to fight Black Lives Matter activists. He would also use some of the money to help police targeted by violence.

“I am going to donate to officers such as the deputy in Texas that was shot in the head at point-blank range for no other reason than he was in uniform,” Zimmerman said in reference to Alden Clopton, a police officer who was shot several times and survived, reported ABC News.

“No one can replace his life. No one can replace the service he was doing to his community. My goal is to attempt to make his family as whole as possible again.”