‘GDKJordie’ Accused of Being Lizard Squad-Mafia Leader Responsible for PSN, Xbox Live Hack

December 26, 2014 Updated: December 26, 2014

A Twitter user called “GDKJordie” or “Jord,” who is allegedly the leader of the Lizard Squad (or Lizard Mafia) hacker group, has been the target of Twitter anger after the hacking of the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Both gaming networks were taken down on Christmas Eve and were down for the majority of users on Christmas Day.

Lizard Squad/Lizard Mafia have claimed responsibility for the attacks. “Our ddos was possible thanks to rooted undersea routers used on transatlantic cables,” reads a post from one of the group’s several Twitter accounts.

A YouTube channel, Keem Star, identified “GDKJordie” as the leader of Lizard Squad. Keem Star said he would post an interview with the leader, AKA “R.I.U. Jord YM051K,” on Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. 

Meanwhile, an Anonymous channel claimed GDKJordie as being the “leader of Lizard Squad” and “also the leader of Finest Squad.” It added: “You have made an enemy of Anonymous by saying that we are supporting FBI and now you are all going down!”

“Do you want a After Xmas Interview with @GDKJordie aka Leader of #LizardSquad & @FinestSquad ? –> 5k (RT)s & we will set it up for Today!” said Keem Star. “Still waiting on @FinestSquad @FinestSec @FinestWarrant to accept the interview today.. #LizardSquad aka @GDKJordie has confirmed!” the account added.

At around 2:45 p.m. ET, Jordie wrote: “PSN #OFFLINE.”

A group called the Finest Squad, which features Anonymous imagery, said that Twitter users should report Lizard Squad and GDKJordie’s accounts.

Finest Squad wrote:  “Over the past day and a half it has been rough for not just us gamers but for the members of finest squad. We had plans to stop the lizardsquad from attacking playstation and xbox on the day of christmas, but we were only successful on Christmas Eve, limiting their attack to only 8 minutes.”

“Here is why. When they attacked our website using XML-RPC, OVH logs each pingback request so we had their server IP address. When we saw the playstation and xbox network go offline during christmas eve, we then sent an attack to that ip address that attacked our website. In a result, the attacks to Playstation and Xbox ceased after a total of 8 minutes. Christmas Day however, it looks like they purchased a new server intime to continue their little rant. All their information has been posted and confirmed within the first interview of Keemstar.

“We will always stay by the side of gamers.”

Despite Finest Squad claiming it brought back both networks, Mega founder Kim Dotcom tweeted that he stopped the hacks. 

“Hi @LizardMafia, I want to play #Destiny on XBOX Live. I’ll give your entire crew Mega lifetime premium vouchers if you let us play. Cool?” he tweeted.