Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Nomination

May 6, 2012 Updated: May 6, 2012

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson was named the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate over the weekend, it was reported.

“Where do we go from here? This is about winning. This is about winning,” Johnson said in Las Vegas, according to the Albuquerque-based KRQE station.

Johnson, who was a long-shot Republican presidential candidate before he declared himself a Libertarian in November, won 74 percent of the vote at Saturday’s Libertarian convention, according to the station.

“That’s what the goal needs to be,” Johnson told Capitol Report New Mexico, “it’s to actually win.”

He noted that Libertarian candidates usually have received only around 1 percent of the vote in previous presidential elections.

Johnson said he would travel to New York to attempt to boost his name recognition.

“The reason for that is to get the big bang for the buck, go to New York and get a national media platform and reach millions of people instead of traveling and just reaching hundreds,” he said.