Gary Busey Involved in Malibu Car Accident

February 13, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Gary Busey, the longtime actor, was reportedly in a car accident in Malibu, California, according to early reports.

Says TMZ: “Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Busey was pulling out of a parking space in the Pavilions grocery store lot when he struck a woman who was walking by. Busey didn’t see her as he backed out and she had her back to him.”

It doesn’t appear that Busey was injured.

The woman was knocked on the ground and received minor injuries.

Last year, Busey made headlines when he appeared in several Amazon ads, talking to himself.

“In one of my hands is something from Amazon so powerful it could entertain humanity for an eternity,” Busey says in one of the advertisements.

“You can’t play movies on a seashell,” he adds. “You can’t even plug them in,” he jokes.