Gao Zhisheng's Wife Contacts Outside World While under Police Surveillance

By Yan Ming, Radio Free Asia
September 14, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: September 14, 2006 12:00 am

CHINA–The wife of the prominent Chinese human rights attorney, who has been arrested by the Chinese communist regime, made contact with the outside world on Saturday while she was under police surveillance.

Gao's wife, Geng He, who has been under house arrest for nearly a month, contacted one of Gao's friends, Hu Jia, and said that Gao Zhisheng's situation is their “family affair”, and it does not need the “concern of outsiders.”

According to Hu Jia, what Geng He said not only did not make sense, but her tone was unnatural too. Hu says that there must be an “inside story”. Moreover, Gao Zhisheng's two nephews met Geng He accompanied by the police.

“She told me that she was aware of the efforts that I have done for Gao and also appreciated it, but (she said) Gao was fine inside (the prison) now. (She said:)Gao wrote many messages telling her that many things he did were indeed questionable. Gao believed the government would carry out a clear investigation. Now, they do not need others to participate further in Gao's affairs any more,” Hu Jia said.

“This astonished me. So I asked again, 'Sister, those messages you saw, are they really Gao's handwriting?' Her reply was intermittent and not very confident.

“I then asked her another critical question, 'Sister, are the police beside you?' She said 'Um,' her 'um' was quick and came out without hesitation. I may say that, in the entire conversation, only this 'Um' is believable, all other answers were doubtful, even deniable. At this time, the phone was suddenly cut off. I think probably the police became suspicious, the phone was taken away and hung up.

“I immediately dialed again, but the call could not be connected. I gave up at this point. After a while, the phone suddenly rang, and it was Geng He who had called back. She tried to sound relaxed and said, 'Hu Jia, did you call again?' I asked her again, 'Are you with the police?' She said 'um,' and added, 'Hu Jia, you don't need to worry about our family affairs anymore.' Then she hung up. I called again, someone picked up, then there was a voice, it was Geng He as if asking Gege (her daughter) to switch off the hand phone. After that, my phone call was completely cut off.”

Hu Jia also disclosed that on Sunday, Gao Zhisheng's two nephews Gao Huan and Gao Huanlong met Geng He.

Hu Jia said that yesterday, national security personal from Yulin, Jia county, Shaanxi province took Gao Huan and Gao Huanlong from Beijing to meet Geng He. At Geng He's residence, they called Gao's oldest brother Gao Zhiyi. Geng He talked for two to three minutes and only said vaguely that no matter what happened to Gao Zhisheng, she would take care of the elderly. But Gao's parents were both deceased, there was no other elderly, no one knew whom Geng He meant. Because Gao Xian (Gao Zhisheng's another nephew) was beside his father (Gao Zhiyi), he could only hear that Geng He was crying throughout the conversation.

After speaking with Hu Jia, the reporter rang Geng He's mobile phone, but the line was busy all the time.

The reporter then rang Gao's oldest brother Gao Zhiyi. The following is an excerpt from the conversation.

Gao Zhiyi: Gao Xian is home.

Reporter: Is he all right?

Gao Zhiyi: Yes.

Reporter: How about Gao Huan and Gao Huanlong?

Gao Zhiyi: They will be back the day after tomorrow.

Reporter: Why are they back so late?

Gao Zhiyi: I don't know.

Reporter: Have you signed the power of attorney?

Gao Zhiyi: No.

Reporter: Can you tell me why?

Gao Zhiyi: I can't tell you and there is nothing to tell.

Reporter: Are the police with you?

Gao Zhiyi: No.

Reporter: Are you going to Beijing?

Gao Zhiyi: Not for a while.

Reporter: Why aren't you going?

Gao Zhiyi: Let's talk about it later.