Gao Zhisheng's Aide Under House-Arrest; Gao Fights in Isolation

February 17, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: February 17, 2006 12:00 am

At 10 a.m. on 17 February, an Epoch Time reporter received confirmation that Mr. Wen Haibo, attorney Gao's assistant who was reported missing yesterday, is under house-arrest. The whereabouts of others who participated in the relay hunger strike and have been reported missing are still unknown. Currently, all Gao's means of communication have been cut off, including his office phone, home phone, and 'handy mobile phone'. When calling his 'handy mobile phone', there is a message that says the number does not exist. The only way Gao can communicate with the outside world is via his cell phone.

Gao told the Epoch Times reporter that the measures taken by the CCP authorities will create great difficulties for him in contacting the outside world. In Beijing, when someone receive a cell phone call they are also charged, so his phone bill will sky-rocket. According to Gao's wife, his cell phone bill this month is already more than 2,000 Yuan.

On February 17, with all his assistants missing, Gao was working in his law office by himself. He had to handle the large amount of calls, emails, and other office duties. Gao still writes his documents by hand. Now that he doesn't have any help typing them into the computer, his wife Geng He has to take their child to the office to help him with typing and other office duties.

The previous afternoon, because Gao lost all his office staff, he had to ask one of his friends to help him type a document. However, that friend also received threats from the authority.

Gao's friends in Beijing and other places call on more people to come to Gao's office. Gao is in his most difficult time and needs assistance.