Gao Zhisheng to Join the Ten-Thousand-Person Hunger Strike

March 4, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: March 4, 2006 12:00 am

Attorney Gao Zhisheng's situation has worsened since the Chinese communist regime raised the number plainclothes police who are watching Mr. Gao to over 100. In addition to cutting off his communications, the Xiaoguan Police Station of the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau has taken steps to check all those who tried to visit Mr. Gao in the past 10 day or so. Officers shouted at the visitors, “Gao Zhisheng is a bad guy and he deserves to die of hunger!” The police also threatened with jail terms those who attempted to provide Mr. Gao with cash, and forced people to write pledges not to financially support Gao. After they failed in their arrest and murder attempts, the communist authorities started a scheme to starve Mr. Gao to death.

Mr. Gao has been besieged by the regimes agents for 103 days. His home and office phones have been cut off; he is denied Internet access; his cell phone does not work as it should; his Mini mobile phone works only one quarter of the time and can never receive calls from overseas; and all visitors are stopped, interrogated, and threatened by the police.

Mr. Gao's wife and daughter both sprained their ankles as they went out in the evening to use public phones to call him.

Lawyer Wen Haibo, Gao's assistant, has been put under surveillance and Ouyang Xiaorong, another of Gao's aides, is missing. After attorney Gao lost his assistants, a few Beijing residents have volunteered to type Gao's manuscripts and, as a result, they have all been abducted and interrogated by police. Even those who typed from dictation through phone have been interrogated by police.

On March 2, Mr. Gao said, “Dr. Teng Biao was picked up by police today. The officers told him, 'We found through investigation that you typed through phone twice for Gao.' Teng Biao replied, 'Is it a violation of the law or is it a crime to type for Mr. Gao?' The officers shied away from the question and warned, 'You are still teaching at school. I hope you treasure your position.' Aren't they shameless?! Just because Teng Biao typed twice for me, they would subject him to a frightening investigation.”

Attorney Gao continued, “Another four visitors were arrested today. As usual, they were asked if they had provided Gao Zhisheng with living expenses and they were made to promise that they would never provide such support to Gao's family. They were advised that they could see any lawyer in Beijing but Gao. In other words, each day there is a large number of people who are working on this.”

Attorney Gao added in a calm tone, “As a matter of fact, before February 15 of this year, the authorities' intent was to intimidate me and cause me inconvenience. Since February 15, however, they've been trying to push me over the edge.”

Gao and his Family Unbowed by the Communist Regime's Pressure

In the past, even though attorney Gao would represent needy clients like Ye Guozhu free of charge every year, he still could earn an annual income of 700,000 to one million yuan (approximately US$100,000 to US$130,000). Not long ago, an official talked to Mr. Gao in private on behalf of the Chinese communist authorities and said sarcastically, “Look, you could make hundreds of thousands or even one million yuan a year. You are one of the most powerful lawyers in China. Don't you think it's a pity? Haven't you thought about it? To be honest with you, I wonder how long you can last like this.”

Attorney Gao told an Epoch Times reporter, “We have enough to provide for ourselves. My family and I can hold on for two more years.” Attorney Gao's wife also told the reporter recently, “It won't matter if we have nothing left. We can still work. There's nothing to be afraid of.” Mr. Gao echoed enthusiastically, “That is right! There's still a cave in northern Shanxi Province and there's land there.”

In the face of the authorities' intensive starving scheme, Mr. Gao Zhisheng is fearless and firm. With resolve, he said that he would take part in the global ten-thousand-person hunger strike on Monday, March 6 following his now-weekly fast on Saturday.