Gao Zhisheng Picked Up by Police, then Released

January 13, 2006 Updated: January 13, 2006

One hour after Gao Zhisheng was seized and taken away by police, he was released uninjured and without being charged.

Attorney Gao said, “At 12:00 p.m. when I was going out with a few friends to have lunch, some plainclothes police were video-taping me there. So I took out my video camera to videotape the plainclothes policeman. The plain-clothes policeman being filmed called 111 to summon uniformed police. The police took me and the plain-clothes officer with whom we had a conflict to the Yayuncun Police Station.”

While in the police station, Gao told the police how the plainclothes police have been following him and his family for over 70 days, and asked the police to stop this. The police at the police station said they could do nothing about it. After one hour, Gao was released. Gao said the plain-clothes policeman was overbearing and disrespectful in the police station. He even tried to beat people.

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