Gao Zhisheng Further Exposes CCP Special Agents

June 11, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: June 11, 2006 12:00 am

Special agents from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have been monitoring attorney Gao Zhisheng for nearly 200 days. In addition to video surveillance cameras pointed at his home, at least six cars are parked outside Gao Zhisheng's home 24 hours a day. Even when Gao goes out exercise in the morning, the special agents follow him. Since June 5, scantily clad women have also begun trailing Gao. It is suspected that those women are prostitutes hired by the CCP to spy on Gao. Gao believes that the CCP has ulterior motives in employing these “overly friendly and intimate” female special agents.

Hu Jia, a human rights advocate in Beijing, has video recording of the CCP special agents following Gao. It has, however, still been difficult to photograph those agents who surround Gao's home. Online rumors claim Gao is mentally unstable and has made up stories about being monitored by special agents. In response to these allegations, Gao is publishing his home address here and welcomes Chinese and foreigners alike to visit him and see the agents for themselves.

No One is Safe from the CCP

At then end of last December, Manfred Nowak, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture and an Austrian human rights lawyer, met with Gao Zhisheng. While Gao was driving with Nowak on the highway, they were hit twice by a car attempting to flip them over. Gao says that if the car had hit them again, both of the vehicles would have flipped over.

Gao Zhisheng smiled and said, “Mr. Nowak felt the threat and danger but didn't see it—he kept his eyes tightly closed the whole time.”

Since the CCP even dared to harm Manfred Nowak, a member of the United Nations, then who would the CCP not target?

Recently, Gao Zhisheng was interviewed by media from Taiwan, the United States and New Zealand. Gao, however, was unable to meet with the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott, in Beijing. Gao recalls, “Hu Jia and I had an appointment with him. We got ready together. Then we got a call saying that the British ambassador suggested us not meet because it could put us at great risk. Since the Vice-President of the European Parliament was unaware of the situation of China, he took their advice.”

Not long after that incident, Gao and McMillan-Scott spoke on the phone for nearly two hours. When they discussed the British ambassador's suggestion, Gao said that the ambassador's suggestion isn't logical. Danger is not caused by the actions of the Chinese people, but by the tyrannical acts of the Chinese communist regime. Gao gave an example: If the actions of the CCP toward him over the past few months had been kept secret, he would have been long dead. Only because the international media closely monitors his safety, he is still able to talk to McMillan-Scott today.

Methods of the Agents Monitoring Gao Zhisheng

Gao lives according to a steady routine. He turns off his cell phone and goes to bed at 9 p.m., gets up at 6 a.m., goes outside to do morning exercises between 6:15 a.m. to 6:20 a.m., and comes back home at 7:10 a.m.

Except on the day when he went on hunger strike, every morning Gao runs around a park half a kilometer from his house and works out at the gym near his neighborhood. During his daily exercise routine, between four to eight special agents track his movements. One group follows him closely while another follows farther away.

At least six cars containing about 20 special agents are parked outside Gao's home every day. Gao said, “These six cars are there 24 hours a day. There are pools of water where they are parked because of their air-conditioning. They keep the air-conditioning on with the windows open. People who have seen it say, 'Only the CCP could afford the gas to let the engine constantly run like that.'”

Currently, female special agents come every 24 hours. Yesterday, outside Gao's home, those female agents with exposed midriffs approached Gao and intentionally rubbed against him. Gao did not take it seriously, but his wife, Geng He, told him to take it seriously, because the surrounding video cameras pointed to him when that happened. Gao realized that the CCP had other intentions by using female agents to trail him in an overly friendly and intimate manner. Yesterday, when Geng saw those women touching attorney Gao at a small store, she told them, “I think you are more shameless than the prostitute soliciting consumers on the street.” To upset Geng more, the woman jumped to the front of her, turned around and began to shake her behind.

Gao said that he basically agreed with Geng that those women were hired from the streets. They wore flip-flops and looked like prostitutes.

CCP Special Agents Follow Those Who Meet With Gao Zhisheng

Gao said, “As long as I am at Kentucky Fried Chicken, there will be two gray cars without license plates parked in front—a Crown Victoria and a Santana. Besides these two cars, there will be three other cars with license plates driving back and forth.”

Gao indicated that those special agents have started following people who visit him.

He said, “One person who visited me today was pretty smart. She came to my table at Kentucky Fried Chicken, put down her materials, and left without sitting down. Two special agents ran out to chase her, but could not identify the correct person. The agents stood dumbly at the door and did not even call for backup on their cell phones. It is generally special agents or policemen from the Beijing Police Department who trail people. Special agents call a uniformed policeman with the license plate 'Jing G24758' or a plain-clothes policeman in an unmarked car to pursue people. These two policemen are the ones responsible for following people with whom I meet.”

Identifying the CCP Special Agents

In May, two civil liberties activists thought that they could identify the CCP special agents in charge of monitoring Gao . They went to Kentucky Fried Chicken, and after being at the restaurant for several hours, they only saw six of the twelve agents in the restaurant. They identified the six sitting in front of Gao, but did not notice the three behind him or the three by the door, even though Gao tried to point them out with his pen. When they left, Gao pointed to the special agents sitting in their vehicles.

One of the activists said he had previously did not believe the existence of the tens or even hundreds of the CCP agents Gao mentioned in his writing. He asked Gao, “Is it true that special agents follow you?” Gao responded with a smile, “If I had lied, wouldn't the CCP have arrested me long ago?”

Difficulty of Photographing Beijing Special Agents

Up to now, no one has successfully taken a picture of the CCP special agents following or harassing Gao . This is for two reasons. One, the special agents of the communist party are trained to avoid these situations. Second, when people do manage to take their picture, they confiscate the camera and beat the photographer. These cases are too numerous to count.

Some people in Beijing have tried many times to take their picture, but they all said it has been impossible to do so without getting caught. Only by using a long distance lens could people possibly take successful pictures.

Rumors that Gao Zhisheng is Mentally Unstable

Some people have spread rumors online that because there are no high-resolution pictures of the agents as proof, Gao is probably not quite right in the head and is thus inventing stories about special agents monitoring and harassing him.

Recently, The Epoch Times reported the source behind these online rumors. One man confessed that he had been bought out by the CCP and was instructed to write articles and make phone calls slandering Gao.

Gao said, “This clearly shows that the CCP hired these people with money to specialize in writing articles to slander me. Those hired people understand the situation in their hearts—they know the CCP has done evil, but they don't dared to curse it.”

After a public figure's appeal, Gao made his home address public. Gao welcomes people from China and overseas to come witness the CCP special agents and their techniques. If needed, Gao will drive the visitors around to show them how CCP agents work—that is if they have the courage to face the special agents.

Gao Zhisheng's Home Address:
Room 202, Unit 7, Building 11,
Xiaoguan Beili,
Chaoyang District,
Beijing City
Phone: 010-81990759