Biker Gang Guilty of Murdering Hells Angel

November 27, 2008 Updated: November 27, 2008

Seven members of the biker gang 'the Outlaws’ have been found guilty of murdering a member of the Hells Angels in a drive-by execution style shooting.

Gerry Tobin was murdered last August as he travelled home along the freeway on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle after attending a Biker festival in central England.

The last of the seven members of the biker gang face was found guilty by jury in Birmingham Crown court on Thursday.

“Gerry Tobin was a thoroughly peaceful, well liked and hard working man who had a passion for motorbikes,"  said local Chief Crown Prosecutor, David Robinson.

"He was a complete stranger to every one of the defendants. This was an horrendous murder committed by people with no regard for human life. It was a carefully and ruthlessly planned ambush.”

The court heard how Mr. Tobin, a Canadian living in London,  was targeted by rivals from the Outlaw motorcycle gang simply because he was a “fully patched” Hell’s Angel—a member who had undergone the initiation ceremony—and was riding through what they considered to be their territory.

After leaving the Bulldog Bash festival,  Mr. Tobin joined the freeway. A car followed, reaching 90mph before pulling alongside his Harley-Davidson. Two guns were fired from the car, one shot hitting Mr. Tobin in the back of the head, killing him instantly.

Mr. Robinson outlined the case for the prosecution, explaining that although only two men had fired shots at Mr. Tobin, the seven defendants had carried out his murder as a joint enterprise. "Each of them played an important part before, during and following his death,” he said

About 1,500 international biker enthusiasts formed a huge funeral procession for Mr. Tobin through East London last September, some of them travelling from as far afield as Canada and Croatia.