March 1, 2021 Updated: March 1, 2021

Daniel Lacalle, in his GameStop article [“GameStop Is Not the Revenge on Wall Street,” published Feb. 3], failed to address the fact that Robinhood decided to stop the actions of the stock. Hmm, wonder who pressured them? Maybe big-money investors who would underwrite Robinhood’s expansion?

Let’s be honest. Hedge funds are not foolproof savants of the market nor are they all honest, otherwise, they wouldn’t have invested in Chinese companies that were corrupt—they would have avoided that risk. Hedge funds have $$ stuck in China that they can’t get out of. I love the fact that they had to sell some of their “good” assets.

It reminds me of the small town scenario where people pay more for goods so that the grocery store stays in business and offers jobs to teenagers or adults desperate for a job. Sometimes the bottom line is NOT just profit (what a concept).

Some guys wanted their less expensive “game” option to stay afloat and found others to rally with them. Why not? We’re still free, kind of, in the USA, unless the big boys don’t like what you say—just like Cuba.

Diana Lee Luxenberg, Ph.D.