Game Changer at the Border

December 16, 2019 Updated: December 16, 2019

I would like to thank The Epoch Times and journalist Charlotte Cuthbertson for bringing the truth and facts about our immigration situation., which is a grave one, might I add. I am the third generation of five that have been born in this area. My great-grandparents were from Mexico. My great-grandmother came here fleeing the Mexican Revolution after the assassination of her husband, Mexican Army Captain, to live and work with her sister. She entered legally and have a copy of her entry through El Paso, which I obtained through Ancestry.Com. My great-grandfather met her and had 3 children. He was a rascal and criminal and was rightfully deported. My grandfather, a WWII Navy Veteran, grew up to become the first Hispanic mayor of Somerton, Ariz. I am a product of the immigration of Mexico and Germany. My family supports LEGAL immigration and prays for the United States Border Patrol. Once again, thank you for professional Journalism.

Sincerely yours,
S. Scott
Somerton, Ariz.