Gambler Blackmails, Extorts Friend Through Forced Relations With His Ex-Wife

April 8, 2019 Updated: April 8, 2019

An indebted gambler and his ex-wife were arrested six months after extorting money out of a well-to-do acquaintance.

The gambler forced the acquaintance at knifepoint to have sex with his ex-wife, and used the act as evidence to take money from the acquaintance, according to an April 2 report by Big River News.

Police in Henan Province, China, said on April 2 that the gambler and ex-wife had been arrested on charges of robbery. The gambler, last name Sun, and the ex-wife, given the false name “Faye,” extorted approximately $60,000 from the victim on Nov. 17, 2018.

The victim, given the false name “Sean,” reported the incident to the police after he left Sun’s home where the extortion occurred.

Gambler and Debt

Sun was facing debt payments of over $110,000 from his online gambling. He had lost his relative’s down payment on their house and as the debtors approached, Sun had to think of a way to get back the money.

Sun asked his ex-wife Faye for assistance. They have a 2-year-old child, and although divorced, Faye and Sun still lived together. Sun presented the idea to Faye that they could extort money from a wealthy acquaintance.

The plan was for Faye to seduce the wealthy friend and then Sun would blackmail the friend with photographic evidence. Faye resisted many times, but eventually gave in to the plan.

On Nov. 15, 2018, Sun invited Sean to visit his home. When Sean came over two days later, Sun forcefully encouraged Sean to drink. Sean refused, as he was not a drinker and only had a little sip out of politeness.

Sun then said he was stepping out to buy some more alcohol and hinted to Faye that she must attempt to seduce Sean. When Sun returned, Faye gestured to Sun that her seduction had been ineffective.

Sun then opted for plan B.

Seduction by Force

Sun’s temper exploded and he pulled out a switchblade on Sean. He claimed that he had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and would die in the coming days. He said that someone would have to take care of Faye and that Sean needed to make her his woman.

Sean offered to help find her work, but still refused a physical relationship with her.

Sun then forced the two to go to the bedroom and in the scuffle, cut Sean on the hand. Sun demanded that Sean and Faye have intercourse. Sean initially resisted, but he eventually gave in to Sun’s demands.

Immediately afterward, Sun set his extortion plan into motion. He demanded $75,000 from Sean. However, Sean talked him down to $60,000.

Sean called his wife, who used a phone service to wire Sun $15,000. The other $45,000 was borrowed from people Sean knew.

Sun then forced Sean to write a repentance letter. The letter was written explaining that Sean had taken advantage of Sun when he left his home to buy alcohol and raped his wife Faye, and that Sean had paid $60,000 to Sun and Faye as compensation.

Sun even forced Sean to put his fingerprint on the letter, using Faye’s lipstick as an ink pad.

Then, before Sean was allowed to leave, Sun forced him to take a provocative photo on the bed with Faye.

The next day, both Sun and Faye went out to go shopping for Sun’s nephew. When they went to pay, both of their accounts had been frozen. The bank assistant didn’t know why.

Sean had gone to the local police department and reported that he’d been cheated out of his money.

Six months later, Sun and Faye were finally arrested by the authorities on charges of robbery.