Gallup Poll: All-Time High Number of Americans View U.S. as Divided

November 21, 2016 Updated: November 21, 2016

About 77 percent of Americans view the United States as a divided nation on the most important values, according to a new poll.

About 21 percent believe it’s “united and in agreement,” said a new Gallup poll. “Over the past 20+ years, the public has tended to perceive the nation as being more divided than united, apart from two surveys conducted shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.”

The latest Gallup poll was carried out between Nov. 9 and Nov. 13 following a contentious presidential campaign.

Gallup said that all major American subgroups share the view that the nation is divided. Some 68 percent of Republicans view it as divided, 78 percent of independents view it as such, and 83 percent of Democrats think it’s divided. The findings are consistent with finds in previous polls carried out in 2004 and 2012.

Regarding President-elect Donald Trump, about 45 percent think he will “do more to unite the country,” while 49 percent will “do more to divide” the U.S., according to the Gallup poll.

“These views largely follow party lines, with 88% of Republicans believing Trump will do more to unite the country and 81% of Democrats saying he will do more to divide it. Independents predict Trump will do more to divide (51%) than to unite the country (43%),” the poll noted.

On Monday, Politico released a poll, showing Trump’s popularity has surged following Election Day.

Some 46 percent of voters have a “very favorable or somewhat favorable opinion” of Trump, according to the poll. Around 12 percent of voters have a “somewhat unfavorable” view, while 34 percent have a “very unfavorable” opinion, the report added.