Viral Videos From China

November 15, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Don’t Mess With a Macho Girl

Rich girl beats a burglar to the ground in her front yard. Real or fake?


Selected translated comments by Chinese netizens:

3 seconds turn into a shrew.

Don’t provoke a macho woman that drives a Ford Focus.

I see the sister knows Kung Fu.

The gym equipment on the bottom left corner explains everything.

This crook’s kidney must be busted.

Fake but funny.

Fake. Why wasn’t the electronic gate shut properly? She’s wearing flat soled shoes and is the driver dead? Too many loopholes.



Selected YouTube comments:

“Humanity can no longer stop this man from riding a motorcycle.”


And people wonder where the Asian driver stereotypes come from.

Saving the best till last.


The guy had a bad day.

Possibly the best motorcycle video on the Internet.

I’ve got to say he deserved that.

I like how the truck driver looks at the guy fall in and then continues to open the truck door to get in lol.

Gotta love them scooter drivers…


Shanghai Woman Forces Man Into Buying Buick

Is the woman in cahoots with the salesman? Is it a car ad? 



Crazy Beijing Subway at Rush Hour