Fundraising Ideas for Your School, Non-Profit or Other Group

Marketing and branding should not be left only to business professionals as tools for selling their products or services. Non-profit organizations can utilize some of these techniques to raise funding for the various causes they serve. Investors, donors and contributors are faced with multiple proposals for funding on a regular basis. Each organization must find a unique method to make an impact and remain at the top of the list of those being considered for funding. What’s the best way to make a lasting first impression?

Here are a few techniques you can incorporate into your fundraising, whether for your church, school or whatever else it may be:

Start by creating a social media account for your organization. Update it frequently with the positive goals your organization has reached. This will be a way of showing prospective donors exactly what they will be investing in and how their funds can make a difference.

Circulate an online newsletter to keep donors and prospective donors updated and interested. Online newsletters are more acceptable in the non-profit outreach because it adheres to the “Go Green” initiative. Orchestrate promotional contests. The prizes should be items they would frequently make use of with a custom print of your contact information. This will increase your chances of remaining on the forefront of their thoughts.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are three of the most popular social media platforms that are currently utilized by many non-profit organizations to promote awareness, thank contributors and recruit new leads for funding. It’s as simple as adding your company details and regularly adding 1-2 sentences that provide visitors with what your efforts and needs are.

Newsletters are a classic marketing technique. Businesses were know to conduct mass mailings on a monthly basis to consumers and leads. As a result, it would build a stronger relationship with their regular consumers and pull in new ones. Due to the statewide movement to “Go Green”, this method is now being done electronically via email and it is still just as effective. Do not spam your group of contacts. A newsletter once a month is all that’s needed to plant a seed.

Contests are always fun and attract people with a competitive nature, regardless of it’s intent. You can use this knowledge to your advantage by developing a contest that would draw in the competitors. In order for a contest to be successful, the prizes have to be worthwhile. An easy way to run contests on your site is with RaffleCopter.

Popular promotional gift item ideas that are used frequently:

  • T-shirts
  • Thermal mugs
  • Key chains
  • Water bottles
  • Laptop Skins

The above items can be custom designed to promote your organization and encourage funding. You can design your own gift items on websites like Cafepress at an affordable price. There are also several websites where you can find printing coupons for awesome printing deals.