Fullerton Parents Meet to Address Critical Race Theory Concerns 

June 10, 2021 Updated: June 10, 2021

Dozens of Fullerton parents gathered June 9 to share concerns of critical race theory (CRT) at local schools.

“It’s a bunch of moms and dads that will all speak on their experiences with the school district,” event organizer Marc Ang told The Epoch Times.

CRT is an ideology that divides society into oppressors and the oppressed based on characteristics such as race, sex, class, or sexual proclivities.

“CRT is being pushed nationally, and it’s filtering down to the school district level,” Ang said.

“The way to fight back is for more parents to start holding their trustees accountable and to check on what their kids are doing, having conversations with teachers, and also showing up to school board meetings.”

The event was scheduled one day after the Fullerton Joint Union High School District (FJUHSD) held a board meeting, where many parents urged the board not to adopt an ethnic studies course. Many others urged the board to adopt the optional course.

Ang said the impetus for the event is to inform “moms and dads about ethnic studies being used as a vehicle for the far left.”

The featured a lineup of parents and residents who spoke on CRT in general, and how this ideology may be affecting their children.

“The Fullerton moms and dads are getting together to basically say, what are we going to do to prevent this from happening,” Ang said. “CRT is being pushed nationally, and it’s filtering down to the school district level.”

Ang said parents also planned to discuss their plans to recall elected school board officials and run politicians that better represent them.

Speaker Harriette Reid encouraged the parents attending the event to speak out against CRT to school board members, whether it be during board meetings or via written correspondence.

“If they don’t want to listen to you, start replacing these people,” Reid told attendees.

Reid encouraged the parents to run and get elected to the school board.

She also advised the parents to speak to their children about what they did in school that day and get to know their children’s teachers.

Ang and Reid have also spoken on the topic to parents in the school districts of Los Alamitos and Tustin within the past several weeks.

They said they plan to speak to parents in the Capistrano Unified School District next month to encourage them to stand up for their children and speak out against CRT.

The Epoch Times contacted the FJUHSD for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.