“Frog Man” of China's Hubei Province

January 6, 2006 Updated: January 6, 2006

Some call him the “Frog Man”, while those who know him call him “Teacher Wang”. A report from the Hong Kong Wenwuipao Newspaper revealed the touching story of a Mainland Chinese man, Wang Jun, who has come to be known as the “frog man” due to his physical deformation.

Born a peasant in China's Hubei province, Wang began to develop a very strange disease at the age of four. His two legs gradually folded forward from behind, while on both sides of his body, his arms and legs were drawn together. Because of his physical deformation, Wang has spent the majority of the last forty years seated in an armchair bearing the resemblance of a frog.

Living in a situation where many would have given up hope and relied upon the aid of others, Wang Jun has long been determined to live his own life. In 1986 Wang started his own business and opened a local grocery store.

Understanding of Wang's condition, customers of the store use an honor system where they pay and take change for goods conscientiously.

Wang later extended his entrepreneurship by opening a bookstore and electronic game room. With the profit from his businesses Wang is able to earn as much as 5000RMB in a month, which for the average rural businessman is quite high.

In recent years, Wang has continued making the most of his life by teaching himself English and learning computer operation through self-study. He has since opened an internet café where he is fully capable of operating the software and fixing related problems on his own. During periods when students are on break from school, Wang offers computer classes to the town's youth. Out of respect, he has come to be referred to as “Teacher Wang” by the town's people.

Despite his strong will and vitality, Wenwuipao has reported that Wang Jun's condition has deteriorated in recent months. His fingers have become painful and rigid, and he can no longer move and eat as easily as before. Although Wang's disease is exceptionally rare and without precedent in mainland China, Wang still maintains hope for a cure.

With accomplishments praiseworthy for any man, Wang's life has been an inspiration to many. Prof. Xia Renyun of Tongji University's Department of Orthopedics is currently working with Wang in pursuit of a cure.