Friends Reunion 2014: Hoax ’10-Year Break’ Thanksgiving Poster Keeps Going Viral; Fans Irked

April 3, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015    

A Photoshopped poster that purports to show a reunion of the show “Friends” is fake.

The poster says “Friends … the one after the 10 year break,” showing all six cast members with “2014” under it. Another rumor claims the show will have a reunion Thanksgiving.

However, the poster was created by Tom Charlie Thompson, he told the Metro newspaper.

“I’m very sorry for any confusion caused. I have to say that the poster wasn’t created with the intention to upset, anger or fool anyone,” Thompson told the paper. “It wasn’t even supposed to be seen by many people. I was expecting a few ‘likes’ on Facebook by some of my friends who are also fans of the show.”

He added: “My original poster has my Twitter name on it. Therefore, nobody should have been confused as to whether it might or might not be real. The fact it was cropped and re-uploaded by somebody else is what caused the confusion, in my opinion. An official promotional poster would not have had somebody’s Twitter name stuck to the bottom of it.”

But on Thursday, the photo appeared to be getting shared again.

“Is there really going to be a friends reunion show?” one person wrote on Twitter Thursday evening.


“Everybody thinks of a reunion as something that will ruin friends, but they don’t know that not one thing can ruin friends,” another said. 

A Twitter page called the Nicky Byrne Show appeared to spark the rumor Thursday. “We only spoke about ‘Friends’ today …. Rumours are the reunion is happening :)” it said.

“Friends” creator Marta Kauffman has stressed there will be no reboot of the show or a reunion.