Free Shipping Day 2013 is Wednesday, Dec. 18

December 18, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

The so-called “Free Shipping Day” is on Wednesday, Dec. 18, and nearly 1,000 sites are participating.

Retailers like Cabelas, RadioShack, REI, Kohl’s, Target, and are taking part in the day.

The day means that retailers will not include a shipping fee for orders placed on Dec. 18. There is no minimum order amount and a delivery date by Dec. 24 is a guarantee.

“Free Shipping Day shifted this paradigm with a simple concept: Give consumers what they want in a timely, convenient and affordable fashion. In the digital arena, this means free shipping with a guaranteed arrival date. Knowles points to recent stats from a survey that show 90% of consumers spend more when offered free delivery, while nearly half will abandon a shopping cart if met with high fees,” it reads.

It adds: “Despite the relatively short history of Free Shipping Day, Knowles’ philosophy has propelled it into the national spotlight. And what a history it has been: After just four years, Free Shipping Day is now regarded as a premier shopping holiday.”

The website can be accessed here.