Fraudsters Steal From Charity for Australian Girl Who Took Her Own Life After Bullying

January 21, 2018 Updated: January 21, 2018

A charity foundation created in remembrance of the young Australian girl, who recently took her life because of bullying, has been defrauded.

“Dolly’s Dream Foundation” was set up by family and friends of Amy “Dolly” Everett—the former face of hat maker Akubra—to help support other young victims of bullying and raise awareness about cyberbullying and youth suicide, after the young girl took her life on Jan. 3.

The charity announced on its Facebook page on Jan. 20 that “unfortunately some folks have been using ‘Dolly’s Dream’ to raise funds without then forwarding them on.”

“We know that most of you out there have been amazing with your fundraising efforts and your donations but we need to protect the money being raised for this effort so we can put it to the best use,” the statement read.

Many supporters of the charity expressed their disappointment that Dolly’s name had been misused for financial gain.

“It saddens me to think that someone would try to profit from the tragedy that brought about the need for Dolly’s Dream Foundation,” one commenter said. “Please know, those of us with our hearts in the right place, will continue to roll up our sleeves and support you openly and honestly, and our numbers will always outway [sic] those who are seeking their own financial gain.”

“Such a shame that people would try to profit from Dolly’s Dream,” said another supporter. “I hope they can sleep straight at night.”

Since the foundation was created, it has received tremendous support from the public and businesses.

The Australian racing industry has united behind the cause, with jockeys participating in the “Dolly’s Dream handicap” race on Jan. 20 in Melbourne wearing special blue breeches in honor of Dolly’s favorite color.

The charity’s GoFundMe page is aiming to raise $70,000 and, as of Jan. 21, has raised over $52,400.



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