Former Security Officer Quits the CCP under Real Name

June 7, 2007 Updated: June 7, 2007

The following is a statement of withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by a former security officer, Deng Xuejun.

Deng Xuejun is my real name, and I used to be a public security officer. After ten years of working in a public security office, I know thoroughly how evil the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is, how it deceives people and turns good people into bad ones.

The Public Security Bureau is actually a machine that suppresses people and a stick that beats people in order to maintain the CCP's rule. A good person would become bad in this system, or else he can not work as a security officer.

Recently my friend introduced me a book titled the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and told me about a magic rock that has natural inscriptions predicting the collapse of the CCP. I believe that the CCP will be wiped out by the Heaven. Gods are benevolent, however; so this has not happened yet.

I declare that I withdraw from the CCP. I have waken up and I am breaking away from the CCP. I hope more people would stop being muddle-headed and those who have made vows in front of the CCP will withdraw from it like me.

Deng Xuejun
May 3, 2007