Former Professor Alleges Lewd Conduct by Beijing University Faculty

By Alex Wu, Epoch Times
August 22, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015
A screenshot of Zou Hengfu's Sina Weibo account. Zou posted allegations of sexual impropriety by Beijing University faculty recently. (

According to a former professor at Beijing University, academics and administrators at the school regularly cavort with waitresses who exchange sexual favors in return for places at the exclusive institution.

Zou Hengfu, who was a professor of economics there until he was fired several years ago, made the allegations on his account on Sina Weibo, a popular Twitter-like service in China. 

A five star hotel called Meng Taoyuan is the site of the prostitution racket, Zou alleged in his series of posts beginning on Aug. 21. 

“The deans, chairs and professors dine at Dashanfang, which belongs to Meng Taoyuan, in order to have sex with pretty waitresses,” Zou wrote. “Many university deans and professors hire prostitutes when visiting night clubs and saunas. It’s very common in Chinese universities.”

He said Meng Taoyuan’s business was “flourishing” because of the illicit business.

Internet users were highly interested in the post. Within a few hours the post was forwarded more than 60,000 times, and attracted more than 14,000 replies.

Zou also said that some of the waitresses working in hotels inside the university use sex to get into degree programs there; he dismissed those who called it “romance,” and characterized it as “rape.”

The spokesman of Beijing University, Jiang Langlang said that “no such thing” happened, stating that the university reserves the right to take legal action against Zou Hengfu for “libel and slander,” according to the Beijing Morning Post on Aug. 22, 2012

“It may be because Zou got fired from Beijing University several years ago,” Jiang said, implying that Zou was taking revenge, according to web portal Sina.

Zou Hengfu has a record of getting into public disputes with university authorities. Beijing Morning Post reported that in 2007, Zou was dismissed by Guanghua School of Management at Beijing University, acclaimed as one of the best business schools in China, allegedly due to “frequent absence from the school.” 

At that time, Zou wrote in his blog that he had been fired by the dean of his faculty, Zhang Weiying, after sending an open letter to China’s minister of education, complaining about academic malpractice at the graduate school.

In June this year, Zou accused economists in China of having shoddy academic standards, making offhand, casual comments, and “not attending to their duties.”

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