Former President Jimmy Carter Sends RSVP to Trump Inauguration Day

December 23, 2016 Updated: December 24, 2016

Up until Thursday, it was unclear whether any former presidents would attend President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony on Jan. 20, 2017.

But according to a new Politico report, former President Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, has sent an RSVP to the event. Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush will not decide on attending until after the new year.

Former President George H.W. Bush, meanwhile, will not attend the inauguration, his spokesman said, because of his advanced age—92 years old.

“The Clintons have been keeping a low profile since the election and have made no decisions about whether to attend, according to a person familiar with the planning. Angel Urena, a spokesman for Bill Clinton, declined to comment,” Politico reported.

Freddy Ford, a spokesman for George. W. Bush, told the U.S. politics website that he won’t announce whether he’ll attend until next year. A “source familiar with the matter said Bush is also still weighing whether to show up,” the report stated.

None of the former Republican presidents endorsed Trump, while Carter publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton. During the Republican primary, Trump went after and heavily criticized fellow candidate Jeb Bush, the brother of George W. and son of George H.W. Bush. It’s unclear who the Bushes voted for on Nov. 8, but there were reports saying that George W. Bush left the ballot blank.

Former US President George H.W. Bush (L2) and his wife Barbara (L) sing the US National Anthem with their son US President George W. Bush (C) and wife Laura, with US Secretary of State Colin Powel (R) and wife Alma  (PAUL J.RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)
President George H.W. Bush (back, 2nd L) and his wife, Barbara (back, L), sing the National Anthem with their son President George W. Bush (front, 2nd L) and wife Laura, with Secretary of State Colin Powel (back, 2nd R) and wife Alma. (PAUL J.RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

As the report noted, it isn’t uncommon for former presidents to skip the inaugurations of president-elects. In 2013, for example, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush skipped President Obama’s second inauguration ceremony—citing the elder Bush’s poor health.

One person close to Hillary Clinton told Politico that the Clintons would be well-advised to attend.

“It would be especially bad if the Clintons did not attend, because it seems like they do not support the transition of power,” a top Clinton donor was quoted as saying. “It would be petty, they have to suck it up. [Hillary] has to go as a former first lady. She will sit prominently.”

Also, it has been reported that Trump’s inauguration day will feature the Radio City Rockettes dancers and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will perform at the swearing-in ceremony. Teenage singer Jackie Evancho will also perform the U.S. national anthem.